2005-2006 Front Porch Lecture Series

The Front Porch Lecture Series provides therapeutic training opportunities for psychotherapists, counselors, and other professionals who assist adults, children, and families.

The Lecture Series goal is to provide new insights into challenging clinical practices that enhance the professional’s knowledge, expertise, and skills with this population.





Speaker Seminar Date Location
Allan Shore, Ph.D. Regulation of the Right Brain: A Fundamental Mechanism of Attachment, Trauma, and Psychotherapy May 12 East Boulder Rec Center
Bob Tinker, Ph.D. and Sandra Wilson, Ph.D. The Science of Trauma and its Applications to the Treatment of Children Sept 24 Chautauqua Community House
Cindy Divino, Ph.D. Help for Parents of Children with Bipolar Disorder Oct 4 Boulder Library
(Free public lecture)
Mary Sue Moore, Ph.D. Attachment, Trauma, and the Brain: Clinical Issues Oct 20, 27, Nov 3 2005 Boulder Inst. (1240 Pine St)
Pat Ogden, Ph.D. Integrating Mind and Body: The Treatment of Trauma and Attachment Disorders Nov 18 Chautauqua Community House
Pat Ogden, Ph.D. Integrating Mind and Body: Discussion Nov 19 First Baptist Church