InReach’s Birth

BIPR_HistoryIn 1999, a group of 25 dedicated, experienced, and respected mental health professionals came together determined to accomplish a common dream:  To create a world where mental health issues were not so disabiling. These founders strongly believed that mental health services should be accessible to everyone for as long as they needed help.  They also believed that powerful new knowledge from neuroscience could help prevent and more effectively treat mental illness.  They were determined to build a strong, mentally healthy, functional community.  We proudly received our 501(c)3 status in 2000.

The belief of the group was that in collaboration with other human service agencies, Boulder could become a leader and model in the provision of psychotherapeutic services.

Three budding programs were created to help achieve these goals: 1) A low-fee psychotherapy clinic to meet the needs of the community, especially those who could not afford services; 2) An early childhood program which focused on the needs of children under the age of 5;  and 3) An education program called our Front Porch Lecture Series which sought to increase the knowledge and skills of local mental health professionals by bringing in national and international speakers and by creating a more educated community by holding community mental health lectures.

Over the 15 years of our existence, our programs have blossomed and grown so that we provide many more services. Throughout this time our dream continues to hold strong: to create the most emotionally healthy community possible.  A place where adults can be productive and happy and where children receive all of the help they need to develop their cognitive, academic, social and emotional skills to insure their success in life.