The Accidental E.D.

Or Why We Have Job Openings for an Executive Director & Clinical Director


It was September of 2008, our Executive Director had just left, we were in debt, there was no money to hire a new ED, and we were at risk of closing our doors. Founders, stakeholders, and the handful of the remaining board members were at a meeting deciding the fate of the organization. Having recently heard the news from our statistician that demonstrated the success of our therapeutic preschool pilot project, I felt determined to help to the organization survive. It was heart-breaking to think that the services we offered to the community and to professionals would no longer exist. At a particularly dark spot in the meeting, I found myself saying, “I am willing the be the Interim ED for 3-6 months.”  LIttle did I know the life-changing journey I was embarking upon. I really loved growing the organization. But 7 and a half years is a lot longer than the 3-6 months I intended to do this job. I have decided to step-down from my position as Executive Director.  The timing is motiviated by a number of factors: my husband’s retirement, a fabulous 3 year grant from Social Venture Partners who are available to help with the transition, and my longing to dedicate my time to prevention of mental health problems through InReach’s Zero-to-Five Program.

I am very proud of my accomplishments including quadrupling our revenue, developing our Early Childhood Mental Health Programs including the Zero-to-Five and the adoption of the Bright by Three program and increasing the number of people we serve per year from less than 300 to over 3000.

So what will I be doing?  I am still devoted to this organization and plan to develop a training curriculum for professionals and graduate students who want training in infant, toddler, and preschool mental health.  I will still teach and supervise.  I will also continue working in my private practice.  My last day is June 30, 2016 so you will still hear from me for the next few months.

If you know someone who might be a good candidate for either of these positions, please pass on the job descriptions to them.  If you are interested, there are instructions on how to apply included in the descriptions.


Cynthia Divino


Download Executive Director (Half-Time) Job Description

Download Clincial Director (Half-Time) Job Description