Colorado Gives Day 2015! 5 Reasons to Donate!

CGD 2015_Master

CGD 2015_Master

Five Reasons to Donate to InReach this Colorado Gives Day

  1.  We provide treatment for children, adolescents, and adults who could otherwise not afford treatment.  Some people believe that since the Affordable Care Act came into being, everyone has access to mental health services. This is simply not true.  The most economically challenged individuals receive Medicaid but this is not a panacea in our county with waiting lists of 3 months duration at local medicaid provider agencies.  The working poor tend to choose health care plans that have high deductibles.  This is too expensive for most families to afford.  InReach provides affordable counseling for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. 
  2. We strongly believe in prevention.  We believe that, with support and education, parents can provide more of what children really need to be emotionally healthy.  This will lead to a healthier community.  Who knows, we may even be able to stop mass shootings with this generation of children who can manage their emotions and respond in socially appropriate ways.
  3. We actively study how healthy brain development occurs.  This means that we are equipped to teach parents ways of interacting with their babies and toddlers in those first critical 3 years when 85% of brain development occurs.  This means that we may be able to decrease the achievement gap. 
  4. We are results driven.  We measure everything we do to continually improve services. 
  5. We believe so strongly in creating an emotionally healthy community that we go out of our way to impact the mental health of the Front Range by a) bringing national and international speakers to the area to provide continuing education to mental health professionals in order to improve the caliber of mental health services provided by our therapists AND other therapists in the community. If you or a loved one has been in therapy, chances are your therapist attended one of our trainings. 2) We send educational newsletters to the general public in order to promote health practices that improve mental health or catch emotional disorders early so that treatment is more effective. We care about you!

Please donate now!

We wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.

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