The mission of the Bright By Three Program (formerly Bright Beginnings) is to provide a bright beginning for all Colorado children by helping families support their children’s physical, emotional, and development during the critical first three years of life.Row of Babies

kitbagsABCplusWe have all heard the adage, my baby didn’t come with a manual.  Well, with Bright By Three, babies do come with a manual AND a baby board book AND a book illustrating parent-child games that promotes brain development in those first years of life AND community resources for new parents.  Most importantly, it comes with a visit at birth, age 1 and age 2 from a professional or trained paraprofessional who can help mothers and fathers with all of the questions they have as new parents.  And it is all free to the families. It really does help babies get off to the right start.

Schedule a Bright By Three Visit Today!

Schedule a Bright By Three Visit Today!

You can also email or call Bright By Three to schedule a visit at:

or call us at 303-997-1356

Did you know that:

  • 65% of a child’s brain development happens during the first year of life
  • Early brain development forms the foundation for all further brain development
  • There are sensitive periods for brain development–if it doesn’t happen at that period of time, it is difficult for that development to occur later.

A 2011, external evaluation of the program found that:

  • 87.1% of parents reported that they do something with their child because of what they learned from the information and materials, with two-thirds of this group (65.4%) reporting that now read more to their child.
  • Nearly all parents (94.5%) said they have a better understanding of what their child is able to do at each age based on the information they received in their visit.
  • Most parents (89.3%) reported they know where in their community they can go for help.