Consultation Services

Our program also offers a number of consultative services, including teacher trainings, parent groups, teacher consultation/support and individual child support and intervention in daycare and preschool settings.

  • Teacher Trainings focus on understanding and applying knowledge of neurodevelopment and attachment to support and address socio-emotional and developmental concerns of children in the classroom.
  • Teacher Consultations may be arranged to focus on evaluation and intervention needs of specific children.
  • Classroom Support, Individual Child Therapy, and Family Therapy may also be arranged by parents and teachers, with parental consent, for children needing additional intervention and support services. These children may be served in the school setting or in our therapeutic space on the corner of 13th Street and Pine Street in Boulder, CO.
  • Parent Groups focus on parent education and support around typical child development, understanding difficult behaviors in a developmental context, parenting approaches, and strategies to encourage secure attachment relationships.
  • Parent Consultation Sessions can be arranged to discuss concerns about a child to determine if further services are needed.  Nearly every parent worries about whether their child’s behavior is within the normal range.  This is an opportunity to get a developmental and emotional “check-up” to make sure your child is on track.

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