Healing from the Flood

Healing From the Flood

Our hearts go out to all who have lost their homes or sustained damage in the flood.  We also know that this has been traumatic for the whole community.  We would like to help.  BIPR offers affordable mental health care to all people in the surrounding areas.  Our expertise is in trauma so we are equipped to work with people affected by this disaster.  Please call us for an appointment if you need someone to talk with 303-442-4562 ext 5.

Here are some other things we are doing that might be helpful.

Recovering from the Trauma of the Flood Information Sheet:

This sheet gives helpful suggestions on how to help yourself, help your children, ideas for those that are displaced, and how to help displaced children. Click on the link above to download this information sheet.

Music created to help people recover from the Flood:

One of our wonderful volunteers asked a Blake Reid, a musician in Canada to create as song for Boulder like the one he did for Canada. It is an incredibly moving piece of music.  It is focused on our ability to overcome the devastation created by the flood.  Melody, our volunteer made a YouTube Video, with Blake Reid’s permission to go with the music.  While the video is focused on recovery efforts, there are still pictures that may be triggering so we are including a link to the audio version so that you can just do that.  Please support this gifted musician.

Parenting Talk: Helping Your Child Cope with the Flood

What to say and how to help your child deal with events now and in the future.

This talk took place on Wednesday 9/18 and Thursday 9/19.  If you are interested in attending a class and would like a chance to talk over your child’s issues in a supportive parent group setting, please contact us at info@bipr.org and we will schedule another class. However, a very brief summary of this talk was given in this 9 News Interview with our Executive Director, Dr. Cynthia Divino:

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.00.13 PMhttp://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=356492


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