InReach Will Stop Serving Clients on September 16, 2016

Dear Friend of InReach,

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that after 17 years, InReach (formerly the Boulder Institute of Psychotherapy and Research) will be closing its doors. Over its lifespan, InReach has provided therapy to over 1500 people; affected over 4000 children; trained 36 therapists; provided continuing education for over 3000 mental health professionals, and hosted over 90 community events in an effort to promote mental health or educated the community in dealing with or preventing mental illness. The impact of InReach is one of both breadth and depth. Not only has the organization served a significant, often marginalized population, but it has also managed to provide the type of quality care and support that has truly changed lives and altered their trajectory.

Unfortunately, like so many other non-profits, InReach has long struggled to find adequate resources to support the good work it has done. Our committed staff, volunteers and partners have worked tirelessly and often at great personal sacrifice to meet the increasing demand for our services despite stagnating (and at times, declining) financial resources. And when faced with the impossible decision to turn people away and provide “lesser” service, our compassionate members chose instead to keep pushing the limits of what was possible. It was a struggle we lost, but not one that we regret.

Sadly, this comes at a time when local, state, and national groups are understanding the impact of mental illness on all of us. Every day, we all suffer the consequences when an untreated individual engages in actions that traumatize all of us. In a given year, one in five individuals suffer from an emotional condition. Many still cannot afford treatment because of high deductibles or because need exceeds accessibility of services. The waiting list time for patients with Medicaid is approximately 3 months long in our community. While there is a great deal of talk about the importance of prioritizing mental health, the funding is not there to provide the services needed. This is tragic.

While InReach is closing its doors, everyone involved believes in the mission and sincerely hopes that other organizations will take up the charge of serving those in our community who lack the financial means to get the mental health services they need in order to live more satisfying and complete lives. We are also very hopeful that people who stood behind InReach’s mission will continue to financially support mental health services.

Lastly, we would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of our supporters- both past and present. We could not have had such a profound impact without you.



Thomas Briggs, Board President

Cynthia Divino, Ph.D., Executive Director



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