Therapy for Older Clients

The Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research (BIPR) provides mental health support and treatment in a sliding scale clinic staffed by graduate students in psychology and social work and licensed professionals.

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One current focus is supporting and treating midlife and older clients who are in transition, struggling with changes in their abilities and social support systems. Among other possibilities, these might include:

  • Changes in level of physical functioning that impact your life
  • Losses of intimate partnerships and/or social networks
  • Retirement or loss of a familial or volunteer role, which was an important source of self-worth
  • Shifts in feelings of satisfaction and security in life
  • Loss of a spiritual connection to a sense of purpose & joy

Clients may be seen in support groups or individual therapy at our Pine Street or Wilderness Place offices.

If you are a midlife or older individual who is finding it difficult to adjust to losses or other changes in your circumstances, please contact us to explore how BIPR may be able to help:

Phone: (303) 442-4562 x 5
(Please tell the person doing your intake that you are seeking support for midlife/ older adult issues)

Cost: Sliding Scale Available
(Please contact us at the number above to learn more about our fee for Individual Therapy.)