Why We Changed Our Name


We really were fond of our name.  After all we had been the Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research for 15 years.  And BIPR was fun to say. It sort of bounced around on your tongue. The problem was as we expanded our services, it did not fit us well.  We would like people to know how accessible and affordable our services are. We want everyone to know how approachable and warm our staff is. As we added preventative services to our offerings, we found our old name simply did not represent us well.  We also serve many people outside of Boulder.  We chose InReach because it speaks to this accessibility and warmth.  With the name change, we could say:

  • Affordable counseling is InReachInreach_Logo_130px
  • Parenting help and support is now InReach
  • Community emotional health lectures and resources are InReach
  • Professional Training is InReach
  • Caring individuals are InReach

and most of all:

  • Hope for the future is InReach

But please don’t worry.  We are not changing who we are.  We are still going to be providing excellent services and education.  We will still integrate neuroscience findings into our services and education offerings.  We have had overwhelming positive feedback for our new name (and logo) from clients, other nonprofits, parents, grant-making foundations, and the general community,.

The one group of people still grieving (besides some of our founders) is therapists who loved the professionalism that the Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research represented.  These therapists have been faithfully coming to our continuing education lecture series for years. Emerging professionals–post-doctoral candidates, post-masters fellows, and interns, likewise, have found us based on the BIPR name and reputation.  We understand, appreciate, and honor this feedback. We  have therefore decided to keep the Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research name as a program name for our training programs–both Professional and Postgraduate/Internship training.

We hope you like our new name.  We would love to hear from you.









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