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AsylumConnect & Immigration Equality Announce New Partnership

Today, tech nonprofit AsylumConnect and legal nonprofit Immigration Equality announced a new partnership to strengthen support for the thousands of LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and other LGBTQ+ immigrants in need across America. 

AsylumConnect provides the world’s first ever tech resource platform designed to facilitate the safe navigation of those fleeing persecution due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. AsylumConnect’s free technology connects users to verified LGBTQ+ affirming and immigrant friendly legal, medical, mental health and social services in seconds, 24/7. Immigration Equality is the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ immigrant rights organization providing free lawyers for LGBTQ+ and HIV+ asylum seekers. Immigration Equality’s legal team has won asylum for more than 1,000 LGBTQ+ and HIV-positive immigrants while maintaining a 99% success rate. 

AsylumConnect and Immigration Equality will collaborate in pursuit of their shared mission to foster a safer and fairer country for persecuted LGBTQ+ people. Immigration Equality will continue to provide lifesaving free legal services and advocacy to LGBTQ+ and HIV+ asylum seekers while gaining access to AsylumConnect’s free tech resource platform outlining the verified non-legal (medical, mental health, social service) resources in clients’ communities. Immigration Equality will also leverage its expertise and connections to help AsylumConnect continue to improve and expand its free resource platform across the country. 

“Access to free, high-quality legal representation has been vital to so many LGBTQ+ immigrants whom we serve. Immigration Equality is one of the legal nonprofits whom we confidently refer our users to as we help them access other basic services while they seek asylum. As a gay immigrant who has benefited from the advocacy work done by Immigration Equality, I’m thrilled to see these two complementary organizations coming together to improve the lives of other LGBTQ+ immigrants. ” – Hans How, AsylumConnect Vice President

“We value our partnership with AsylumConnect and the critical resources they offer our clients. Gaining legal asylum is an important piece of the puzzle for people fleeing violence and persecution, but they also need access to LGBTQ-friendly services and opportunities to rebuild their life here in the U.S. AsylumConnect takes all of the pieces of the puzzle and puts them in one convenient location for LGBTQ and HIV+ immigrants. We are excited to strengthen this relationship, which will greatly benefit the communities we serve.” – Bridget Crawford, Immigration Equality Legal Director

By joining forces, AsylumConnect and Immigration Equality can ensure LGBTQ+ and HIV+ asylum seekers in all fifty U.S. states have free on-demand access to verified resource information and referrals to meet their needs in all aspects of their lives.

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