Miroslav Damyanov, UX Researcher Lead Volunteer

About Me:

Education & Training

Miroslav is a Bulgarian-born behavioral and social science graduate based in the Netherlands, the first country to have legalized same-sex marriage. While studying in Nijmegen, a Dutch liberal and hospitable city on the Waal river, he co-founded a collective of volunteers to organize and coordinate direct support and activities with and for asylum seekers in the city.

With work experience as a data analyst in the public and private sector, he aims to bring meaningful impact by providing insights through user experience research. Miroslav is excited to help AsylumConnect further develop a user-centered and data-driven mobile app for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers in particular and LGBTQ+ community and service providers in general.

In his free time Miroslav enjoys doing Japanese jiu-jitsu and calisthenics.