Navigating Hope: Olivia & Max's Path with InReach

This Pride Month, we are thrilled to celebrate an incredible milestone: Over 400,000 LGBTQ+ people have accessed safe resources through InReach! As we honor this achievement, we also recognize the ongoing need to support our community. To continue this vital work, we need your support for our ‘400K Lives Transformed and Counting’ Campaign.

Olivia & Max’s Story πŸ’™πŸ’–

Meet Olivia, a devoted mom who was forced to uproot her family due to hostile legislation targeting her trans child, Max. Amidst uncertainty and fear, Olivia found solace and support through InReach. Our free platform provided her with the guidance and resources she needed to navigate safe housing options and secure gender-affirming care for Max. Additionally, Olivia connected with peer support groups tailored for caregivers and accessed affirming one-on-one counseling, which helped her advocate for Max’s rights and well-being.

Together, we are empowering families like Olivia’s to face challenges with resilience and hope. As we expand and improve InReach, we are making strides toward a future where every LGBTQ+ person can live authentically and without fear.

Every dollar you give transforms lives and fosters a more inclusive world for all. Please consider making a donation today and double your impact with our matching offer, valid until June 30th.

Thank you for your generosity and for standing with us this Pride Month. Together, we can continue to transform LGBTQ+ lives.

With gratitude,

The InReach Team

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