Joe Karow (He/him/his), Lead Engineer

About Me:

Education & Training

Joe is a former hospitality finance director turned full stack software engineer based in the Washington, DC metro area. He studied International Hospitality Management at London Metropolitan University while moonlighting as a DJ for various LGBTQ club nights/events. Being a life-long technology enthusiast & hobbyist, Joe decided to engage in community based training for software engineering during the Great Reset. Joe has participated in volunteer hackathon events to benefit organizations such as OUTMemphis, a community center serving Memphis, TN. He is also an active member of The Progressive Coders Network and Virtual Coffee. He is passionate about open source software, LGBTQ+ rights, and voter/civic engagement. When not hunched over a laptop, you can find him out having adventures with his Australian Shepherd. He also wants to remind you to VOTE – in every single election!