Jonathan Valdez (He/him/his), Young Professionals Board

About Me:

Education & Training

Current Employer & Position Title: The American Immigration Lawyers Association

Young Professionals Board Chapter:Β National Capital Regional Chapter

Years Served on Young Professionals Board: 2023, 2024

Jonathan is a dedicated professional with a background in immigration advocacy and policy analysis. As an integral member of a prominent immigration association, he plays a pivotal role in the organization’s mission to support its 17,000 plus members.

With a focus on tracking and monitoring immigration adjudications and policy trends, Jonathan ensures that the association remains at the forefront of developments impacting its members. Through comprehensive research and analysis, he identifies high impact trends and engages with relevant agencies to address them effectively.

Jonathan’s expertise extends beyond his monitoring role. He spearheads the management of national committees, comprised of esteemed immigration attorneys, leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience to advance the association’s policy and strategic priorities. Through collaborative efforts, he harnesses their expertise to shape and refine the organization’s stance on critical immigration issues.

Jonathan’s efforts contribute directly to the association’s mission of providing invaluable support and advocacy for its member, and ensuring that the association remains a trusted resource for immigration professionals nationwide.