RaShar Divine Hardin Legner (She/her/hers), YPB Program Advisor

About Me:

Education & Training

Young Professionals Board (YPB) Program AdvisorΒ 

RaShar Divine Hardin Legner stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of transformative love and soulful connections, boasting an illustrious career spanning over 25 years. As the visionary founder of “Divine Soul Alchemy: The Paradigm Shift to Authentic Love,” she has empowered over 4500 individuals to align with their ideal partners and nurture soulful connections effortlessly. RaShar’s approach is a harmonious fusion of sacred alchemy, quantum techniques, and profound wisdom, unlocking the elusive secrets of genuine love and fulfillment.

With a proven track record of success, RaShar’s methodology is nothing short of transformative, guiding her clients through a journey of releasing limiting beliefs, healing past wounds, and embracing their true essence. Her unique blend of coaching, mentoring, and spiritual guidance facilitates a profound awakening within her clients, enabling them to attract and sustain authentic connections that resonate with their highest selves. RaShar’s unwavering passion for empowering women to experience love that is authentic, fulfilling, and enduring shines through in every facet of her work, establishing her as a trusted ally on the path to profound transformation and love.

Moreover, RaShar extends her impact beyond personal transformation, serving as a dedicated DEI Champion and Racial Justice Equity Advocate. In September 2024, she is set to launch the Congo Compassion Coalition of Racial Justice 5013c, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at supporting the 7 million families and children displaced from mineral-rich lands that fuel the technology industries of the US, China, and UK. This visionary initiative, in collaboration with iHeartAfrica non-profit, underscores RaShar’s steadfast commitment to fostering a more equitable and just world. Her impactful contributions in both personal and societal realms make her a true pioneer in the realms of love and advocacy.