Shaniqua Staples, LMSW, YPB Program Advisor

About Me:

Education & Training

Young Professionals Board (YPB) Program AdvisorΒ 

Current Employer & Position Title: Google – Legal Investigation Manager

Shaniqua Staples is a mental health professional who has devoted over a decade to the field of social work, crisis management, and therapy. She then transitioned to tech and began working for a start-up mental health organization called Crisis Text Line. Through this experience, she gained valuable insights into the importance of integrating technology into mental health services and how tech can be used for the greater good.

After six years with Crisis Text Line, Shaniqua moved on to join Google as a Graphic Violence Team Lead. In this role, she was able to use her background in mental health to protect users and her team. She is now a Legal Investigation Manager who works to safeguard users from malicious online entities across the United States.

In her free time, Shaniqua enjoys spending quality time with her children, who are aged 19, 12, and 5, as well as her furry friend Royalty. She also enjoys engaging in improv theater, working out, and exploring new destinations around the world.