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#InReachTeamSpotlight: Miroslav Damyanov, MSc

#InReachTeamSpotlight: highlighting integral members of the InReach team that make our work possible. Thank you for all that you do!

This week, we’re spotlighting Miroslav Damyanov, MSc (he/him/his), InReach’s Lead UX Researcher!
Miroslav leads our UX Research team to ensure the free InReach App is accessible and simple to use for LGBTQ people in need of safe resources.


What resonates with you about InReach?

Miroslav: I consider InReach a space of hope in tech. Not only does my work involve tasks I love doing as a researcher, such as collaborating in a cross-functional team, creating actionable insights for the product team, and mentoring interns, but it also uplifts my spirit as a longtime activist when I see that our app helps members of the LGBTQ+ community find safe and verified resources.

What is your favorite category (or subcategory) of support listed on the free InReach App?

Miroslav: We offer various useful categories in our app and I find it difficult to pick one because we try to alert our community about the relevant ones depending on the health, social and political events. If I have to pick one, I would go for mental health. As someone with an academic degree in psychology, I am fascinated by human behavior and mental health. Moreover, I talked to several users and I learned that LGBTQ+ members and migrants have to go through lots of trauma and violence on multiple levels. Therefore, I consider this category to be one of my favorites.

What issue facing the diverse LGBTQ+ community are you particularly passionate about?

Miroslav: Same-sex unions.

A fun fact:

Miroslav: I can easily do many muscle-ups because I like doing calisthenics in my free time. Besides, I can give you a compliment in four languages because I am fluent in Bulgarian, English, and Dutch, while I am also on my way to learning Portuguese.

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