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How you can help welcome LGBTQ+ Afghan refugees to your community

As of January 31, 2022, over 68,000 Afghans have relocated to the United States. Afghan asylum seekers now face a long and arduous process. The current affirmative asylum backlog is more than 600,000 cases with a broader immigration backlog of 1.4 million cases. LGBTQ+ Afghan asylum seekers and refugees remain especially vulnerable during resettlement.  

The Afghan Adjustment Act

The Afghan Adjustment Act will pave the way for at-risk Afghans to receive permanent legal status much quicker. Tell Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act now:

Share InReach’s Free Technology

LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 Afghans resettling in communities across the United States can use our free resource platform to locate independently verified safe legal, medical, mental health and social service providers, 24/7.

On your computer (or a web browser on your phone), visit: You can also download our free mobile app here.

Select your preferred language and the country you are looking for safe resources in (ie. the United States).Then type in the U.S. city or state where you are looking for verified affirming services.Next, click “Service Type” and select all of the types of support you are looking for from the drop-down menu. For example:

  • “Community Support – LGBTQ Centers”
  • “Education and Employment – English Classes”
  • “Housing – Emergency Housing”
  • “Medical – Physical Evaluations for Asylum Claim”
  • “Mental Health – Support Groups” and “Mental Health – Trans Support Groups”

Then click on “Search” to begin finding welcoming services near you. Scroll down the page to view the verified direct service providers who can help.Click on “Additional Filters” to remove direct service providers from your search that require any specific documentation (e.g. Photo ID, proof of residence/age/income, medical insurance, a referral) that you (or your client or person you are assisting) do not have access to.Click on any of the listed organizations’ names to learn more about their services and to view their contact information.Click on any of the services listed to learn more about the specific service’s requirements, contact information and access instructions.Sign-up for a free InReach user account to unlock additional functionality, including:

  • Public ratings and reviews: once logged-in, users can share public ratings (one to five stars) and written reviews on all resources
  • Save and share resources: once logged-in, users can also save and share their personalized resource list(s) via print or email
  • Public resource submissions: once logged-in, users can “suggest” new direct service providers that they think might be a fit for our platform via our “Suggest New Resource” form

Share our free resource platform with LGBTQ+ Afghan refugees and other LGBTQ+ people in need of verified safe services:

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