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InReach Announces Partnership with Oasis Legal Services

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InReach is proud to announce a new partnership with the Berkeley-based nonprofit, Oasis Legal Services. The staff of this passionate and diverse organization boasts over 40 years of combined professional experience in immigration legal services for the LGBTQIA+ community, and to date, have helped over 900 LGBTQIA+ immigrants obtain asylum in the United States with a 99% success rate.

InReach is eager to support Oasis Legal Services in its commitment to providing low-cost legal services to LGBTQIA+ immigrants, by offering Oasis’ prospective and current clients and staff with a comprehensive digital referral platform outlining the verified, safe non-legal (medical, mental health, social service) resources in their communities. As partners, Oasis Legal and InReach will continue working together to empower LGBTQIA+ immigrants to live with freedom and dignity in the U.S. 

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