InReach Junior Board Program.

Junior Board Statement

The InReach Junior Board is a group of young professionals committed to supporting InReach’s critical work through fundraising, networking and marketing.

Junior Board Vision Statement

Our goal is to build a national movement and mobilize thousands of young professionals across the United States to serve as ambassadors in their communities for the world’s first tech platform matching LGBTQ+ people with safe, verified resources.

Hear From Past Junior Board Members

Slavi Arnaudov

Tactical Opportunities Investor at The Blackstone Group

2021 & 2022 Junior Board Co-Chair

“I joined InReach’s Junior Board program because I wanted to contribute to a cause that is personally meaningful to me. As a gay immigrant from Bulgaria going through the U.S. immigration system for the past 10 years, I have experienced first-hand the difficulties of being an LGBTQ+ immigrant in this country. InReach’s tech platform offers vital help many LGBTQ+ people fleeing persecution need to be safe. I am confident that as a part of the Junior Board I can make an impact by using my professional connections and resources to help further our mission.”

Boof Truchan

Software Engineer at Roblox

2021 Tech Committee Co-Director

“As soon as I read about AsylumConnect on a volunteer mailing list that I am on, I found myself deeply resonating with its cause and its mission. The Junior Board sounded like an awesome opportunity to reach those in need within the LGBTQ+ community alongside a group of really awesome and driven people. I have not been disappointed, and I am excited to be a part of something with such a deep impact.”

MO Swinson

Social Worker in NYC

2022 Member

“As a social worker, I am both personally and professionally committed to ensuring that everyone has the resources and support they need to survive and thrive. It is important to connect people with the resources they need in a timely manner, and it is imperative that services and service providers are safe and affirming. I renewed my membership in the Junior Board program because InReach’s work is vital for connecting those fleeing persecution due to their sexual orientation or gender identity with the safe and affirming services that can help.”

Christina Tong

Product Manager at Google

2021 Member

“I decided to join because the mission to connect LGBTQ+ people fleeing persecution to verified resources is a pressing need that I hear often from youth in crisis in my capacity as a volunteer with The Trevor Project. As a former Product Manager on the team that connects merchants to consumers on Google Maps, I’m also convinced that there’s a real solutions gap here – there’s nobody else doing this kind of tailored, high precision vetting. The Junior Board has been a great way for me to tangibly support this mission, meet a community of like-minded young professionals, and learn more about the nonprofit space.”

Junior Board Program Highlights

See below for highlights from our Junior Board Program. The program began in 2020 in New York City. 

Change the world with us

Who Are We Looking For?

Junior Board Membership Requirements

  • Open to young professionals ages 21 to 40 years old
  • Currently living in the United States
  • Available to attend remote monthly meetings via Zoom
    • *All Junior Board members are required to attend at least six of the remote monthly general membership meetings
  • Meet (or exceed) the $1,000 annual membership dues requirement
    • *Members have the option to make 2 payments of $500 (January & June) or 10 monthly payments of $100 (January – October)
  • Passionate about LGBTQ+ and refugee rights

Junior Board Time Commitment 

  • Our Junior Board members commit ~3-5 hours per month to InReach 
  • All Junior Board members attend monthly remote general membership meetings via Zoom (~1 hour per meeting)
  • Junior Board members who choose to join 1-2 special interest committee(s) also attend supplementary committee meetings

Why Should You Join Us?

  1. Build your professional network: Opportunity to join a diverse online coalition of peers located across the United States who are passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant justice and belonging, and leveraging the power of technology for social good via remote general membership monthly meetings, special interest committee collaboration, and social events throughout the year.
  2. Accelerate your professional & knowledge development: Gain access to distinguished guest speakers on relevant topics such as LGBTQ+ rights, U.S. immigration law and policy, diversity, equity and inclusion in business, use cases of technology for social justice & more. And hone your professional skills – including fundraising, recruiting/interviewing, digital marketing, coding, event planning and project management – by joining one of our Junior Board’s 7 special interest committees.
  3. Receive recognition for your service: Names, job titles and employers, and pictures listed on InReach’s website and Junior Board marketing materials.
  4. Make a meaningful difference: Help attract the financial and in-kind resources necessary to advance the InReach App, the world’s first tech platform matching LGBTQ+ people with safe, verified resources.

Hear From Past Junior Board Members

Michael Leonetti

Second Year Law Student at NYU Law School

2020 & 2021 member

“I joined the Junior Board because I wanted to fundraise to support InReach’s innovative mission and meet other people passionate about queer asylum and migrant justice. I decided to return because I’ve come to see the JB as both a wonderful social community and professional network. I believe in InReach’s work and love being able to support it while learning from the other JB members and our monthly guest speakers.”

Kelly Chan

Technical Program Manager at DoubleVerify

2022 member

“I joined the Junior Board for the opportunity to share my skills and network with a group of passionate people helping our community. Being on the Tech Committee, I’ve learned so much about how the InReach platform works from the backend and am excited to help it grow to serve a wider population.”

Will Sheehan

Immigrant Justice Corps Fellow at Safe Passage Project

2021 Learning & Development Committee Director

“I have gained a lens into the importance of InReach through my work in various internships and now as an attorney working with LGBTQ+ people fleeing persecution. There is so much misinformation around immigration, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and there are entities actively preying on vulnerable people, making it critical to provide a platform to connect people to vetted resources. I joined the Junior Board to network with professionals all over the country and to collaborate with them on contributing to InReach’s mission. As the Learning & Development Committee Director, I hope to spread correct information, inspire conversations, and connect Junior Board Members to illustrious professionals who are working hard to support and contribute to the success of various communities.”

Information For Companies/Employers

As an employer, you are encouraged to share the InReach Junior Board Program with young professionals at your company (the program is open to young professionals ages 21-40, located anywhere in the U.S.). Our program offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to engage in meaningful service, grow their professional network, and develop key competencies to help prepare for future career success.

Our Junior Board Program also offers a great way for your company to showcase your employees’ deep commitment to service, innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are especially interested in adding new young professionals to our Junior Board Program from the following industries:

  • Tech  our Junior Board Program has had young professionals from Meta, Google, Adobe, & more
  • Consulting – our Junior Board Program has had young professionals from PwC, Accenture, EY-Parthenon, Deloitte, Kearney, & more
  • Financial Services – our Junior Board Program has had young professionals from Macquarie Group, Petal, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, American Express, Capital One, Novantas, Evercore, & more
  • Corporate Law – our Junior Board Program has had young professionals from Jones Day, Blank Rome LLP, Levy Konigsberg LLP, & more
  • Media – our Junior Board Program has had young professionals from Dow Jones, Shutterstock, Ipsos, & more

Upcoming Remote Information Sessions

There are no upcoming information sessions at this time. Please check back regularly for updates on remote information sessions for our 2023 Junior Board Program. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please check our website and social media for updates on how to join our 2023 Junior Board Program.

Yes, the Junior Board Program will remain remote (open to young professionals – ages 21-40 – located anywhere in the United States) during 2022.

All Junior Board members commit to meeting (or exceeding) a $1,000 annual membership dues requirement. InReach Junior Board members are asked to choose from the following payment options in order to fulfill this annual dues requirement: 

  1. Payment Option #1: 2 Payments of $500 (First Upfront in January & Second in 6 Months in June)
  2. Payment Option #2:  10 Payments of $100 per Month (January – October)

The InReach Junior Board Program also offers a “Recent Grad Pathway” payment option. (*Note: For the 2022 Junior Board, this pathway is only open to students who are graduating from an undergraduate or graduate program in 2022.)

  • June: Recent graduates join the InReach Junior Board
  • June – December: Recent grads are asked to pay a minimum of $500 in annual membership dues during their first year of membership on the Junior Board

Making a tax-deductible donation to InReach is easy. Sample donation methods include:

Donate online directly with PayPal Giving Fund 

Donate online directly via InReach’s “Donate” page

Start an online peer-to-peer fundraiser 

  • Use this link to create and personalize a new fundraising page. Then share your page with friends and family, and across social media!  
  • You can also create a Facebook fundraiser to benefit InReach via the following link: 

Absolutely! Junior Board members are encouraged to leverage their employer’s matching funds, “dollars for doers” program and/or professional development fund when possible.

No, the Junior Board is distinct from the InReach governing board of directors.

The InReach governing board plays a pivotal role in developing InReach’s strategic direction and providing critical oversight (governance & legal compliance).

In contrast, the InReach Junior Board is a program specifically for U.S.-based young professionals (ages 21-40) who are committed to supporting InReach’s critical work through 1) fundraising, 2) networking and 3) marketing. Junior Board members may be considered for future appointment to the InReach governing board of directors.

The InReach Junior Board currently offers the following special interest committees:

  • Steering Committee
  • Tech Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Recruitment Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Learning & Development Committee

Junior Board members may choose to join 1 to 2 special interest committee(s) per year.

Unfortunately, the InReach Junior Board Program is currently only available to young professionals (ages 21-40) located in the United States.

Head over to the “Our Team” page and click on the “Junior Board” tab to learn more about our current membership.

Contact us for more information on our Junior Board Program.

You can also reach out to the InReach Junior Board directly via email or Instagram.

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