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Service Provider Spotlight- Arkansans For Equality

As part of InReach’s new initiative to spotlight service providers on the ground working to advance LGBTQ equality and immigrant rights, we’re proud to feature Arkansans for Equality.

“Arkansans for Equality is an Arkansas based civil rights organization dedicated to protecting the rights of all people in the state. The organization believes that, “all individuals, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity should be treated equally under the law.”

As an extension of their commitment to equality, Arkansans for Equality is especially concerned with the legal rights of LGBTQ people in Arkansas. In order to help LGBTQ people feel welcome in Arkansas, Arkansans for Equality created an expansive list of LGBTQ-friendly business in the state. Local business can request to be put on the list to let LGBTQ Arkansans know they are welcome either as customers or employees. If you’d like more information about businesses committed to equality in Arkansas, the full list is available on the Arkansans for Equality website.

InReach and Arkansans for Equality are pleased to team up to connect LGBT asylum seekers with verified safe LGBT and immigrant-friendly services in Arkansas. On June 22nd, InReach and Arkansans for Equality will be co-hosting a local educational seminar and fundraiser. This event will serve to educate the public about the issues facing LGBT asylum seekers in Arkansas, and feature guest speakers from InReach and an immigration attorney working in Arkansas. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

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