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User Story of the Week – Meet Lauren

“Lauren” is a second-year associate at a corporate law firm in Manhattan. In addition to her large corporate caseload, she has begun to take on pro bono asylum cases through referrals from a legal nonprofit. Many of her clients identify as LGBTQ. While Lauren is passionate about helping with such important legal cases, she often finds herself overwhelmed by her clients’ non-legal needs (such as LGBTQ-affirming housing and mental health care). She lacks expertise in LGBTQ-related issues and browsing large general search engines for referrals proves too time-intensive and confusing. She learns about AsylumConnect through the recommendation of a Pro Bono Director at another corporate law firm. She is immediately relieved. She relies on AsylumConnect’s free technology to quickly find up-to-date verified social service referrals for her clients so that she can work on what she does best: building the strongest legal cases possible for her clients.

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