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Thank you to our Fall 2023 interns!

A big thank you to our Fall 2023 interns for all their help increasing resource access for the diverse LGBTQ+ community! Our Fall 2023 intern cohort collectively contributed over 1,850 hours (equating to over $59,000 in economic impact) towards advancing InReach.

Highlights by Intern Team:

Resource Team Interns (English)

  • Re-verified 850+ services throughout the U.S.
  • Added information to existing resource data, including vetting for InReach’s new intersectionality definitions 
  • Researched and suggested new direct service providers for inclusion on the free InReach App, with a focus on organizations responding to the current surge in anti-trans legislation
  • Provided helpful feedback for training future intern cohorts

Resource Team Interns (French)

  • Re-verified 100+ services in French-speaking locations in Canada
  • Conducted outreach to ~40 organizations in both English and French to obtain information for re-verification
  • Helped our Translation Team by translating ~30,000 words into French

Translation Interns

  • Translated or proofread ~216,000 words into French to increase accessibility to the InReach App for French speakers 
  • Translated or proofread ~60,000 words into Korean to increase accessibility to the InReach App for Korean speakers 
  • Translated or proofread ~40,000 words into Russian to increase accessibility to the InReach App for Russian speakers 
  • Translated or proofread ~135,000 words into Spanish to increase accessibility to the InReach App for Spanish speakers 
  • Assisted with translating InReach’s new free marketing materials

UX Research Interns

  • Assisted with remote usability testing to collect critical user feedback to help InReach continue to improve the free InReach App  
  • Crafted a comprehensive research plan with a detailed discussion guide
  • Targeted hard-to-find LGBTQ+ resource seekers and Local Community Reviewers (LCRs) for recruitment
  • Conducted a meticulous pilot to ensure smooth research operations
  • Executed 3 user interviews via the UserTesting platform
  • Demonstrated dedication, creativity, and professionalism throughout the internship

Digital Marketing & Advertising Interns

  • Designed new free marketing materials (e.g., flyers/handouts, badges, stickers) to help spread the word about the free InReach App
  • Created and scheduled posts across InReach’s social media channels
  • Designed engaging Instagram story content and brainstormed future strategies to help grow InReach’s following 
  • Created new animated videos to help support InReach’s anonymous storytelling efforts 
  • Conducted online recruitment to help expand InReach’s Local Community Reviewer Volunteer (LCR) Program
  • Researched and solicited in-kind advertising donations for InReach

Development Interns

  • Outreached to local service providers listed on the InReach App to obtain endorsements for InReach’s work by completing a letter of support sign-on form
  • Researched and conducted giving campaign donor outreach to small businesses
  • Researched and identified 25+ new grant opportunities for InReach 
  • Contributed to corporate outreach for InReach’s Young Professionals Board recruitment 

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