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Introducing the Redesigned InReach App

InReach has a new look!

On June 7th, 2023, we released an upgraded version of the free InReach App (the world’s first tech platform matching LGBTQ+ people facing persecution or discrimination with safe, verified resources). Our redesign represents a significant step forward in our mission to ensure every LGBTQ+ person has free, on-demand access to the safe resources they need to thrive.

Highlights include:

  • ❤️ New look: A ground-up full rewrite, featuring an extensive front-end UX/UI redesign.
  • 🧡 New codebase: Our new codebase uses some of the most popular frameworks/libraries, making it easier for developers to contribute to our open source repo.
  • 💛 Built to scale: We’ve rethought every aspect of our app to ensure that we can comfortably scale up and serve our users, as well as the service providers listed in our database.
  • 💚 New backend to add thousands more verified resources: A new backend data portal to enable InReach’s trained volunteers to more efficiently independently verify and add thousands more affirming services to the InReach App. We are also introducing new tools for our Resource Coordinator staff to audit submissions to ensure the information on the InReach App meets our rigorous vetting standards.
  • 💙 New crowdsourced translations: As an open-source platform, InReach uses crowdsourced translations. Real people verify (and edit as needed) our machine-generated translations to ensure accuracy, inclusivity and cultural competence.
  • 💜 💯 free: To ensure accessibility, the InReach App is free for everyone, including lawyers, case managers, social workers, therapists, teachers, and other direct service providers searching for affirming resource referrals for trans and other LGBTQ+ clients.

Quick Actions You Can Take Right Now:

  • Bookmark the InReach App on your computer and/or phone browser:
  • Download our mobile app on iOS and Android:
  • Suggest LGBTQ+ affirming organizations in your community to help expand InReach’s resource coverage across North America:
  • Follow @weareinreach on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok & YouTube to stay up-to-date on our work!

*This prototype shows the InReach App on mobile and incorporates dummy data.

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