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Thank you to our Spring 2023 interns!

We’re sending a huge thank you to our 2023 Spring Interns! Our team worked across various departments in the across the organization to promote and develop the free InReach App (the world’s first tech platform matching LGBTQ+ people facing discrimination and persecution with safe, verified resources).

Here’s a recap of contributions made by our intern teams from January to April:

Community Research & Outreach Interns (Spanish) 
  • One single Community Research & Outreach (Spanish) Intern re-verified 70+ organizations available on the InReach App in Mexico by following InReach’s tailored vetting process.
  • Our Spanish intern added detail to make 70+ organizations more comprehensive to describe how they are safe for LGBTQ+ individuals located in Mexico.
  • Uisaina, our amazing and only Spanish intern this semester, successfully accomplished a tough workload and consistently checked in with our resource staff.

Community Research & Outreach Interns (French) 

  • The Community Research & Outreach (French) Intern re-verified 30+ organizations available on the free InReach App listed across Canada.
  • Our French intern contacted over 30 organizations in both English and French to assess their safety for LGBTQ+ individuals located in Canada.
  • Caitlin, our amazing and only Spanish intern this semester, successfully accomplished a tough workload and consistently checked in with our resource staff.
Community Research & Outreach Interns (English) 
  • The Community Research & Outreach (English) Intern team re-verified 467 US service providers over the Spring semester! These re-verifications improved the quality of information on the InReach App, which makes it easier for LGBTQ+ people in need to find the exact help they are looking for.
  • Each of our interns averaged at working on 66 organizations this semester!
  • One of our interns, Ashley, did verification work on 20 organizations in Rhode Island!
Junior Board Interns 
  • Our Junior Board Intern identified in person networking events in each late launch area monthly that would be useful to founding CoChairs.
  • Developed a Google Slides Presentation communicating the experience, including features and benefits of participating in a Junior Board/Young Professionals Board.
  • Identified at least 10 ERG/affinity groups (at least 2 per chapter) located at companies that employ current Junior Board members
  • Created a bingo card with #ActionItems that can be completed by Junior Board members throughout the #TransmascFutures Campaign and beyond.
  • Composed a list of at least 8 virtual fundraising event ideas.
  • Communicated with each member of the JB that we would like to have them attend the Panel on March 23.
  • Created a list of LGBTQ+ rights organizations and their contact info.
  • Lastly, our intern created future intern projects to pitch based on the needs of the organization and experience with being a JB Intern!
Social Media Interns 
  • Our social media interns designed Instagram Story and TikTok content, as well as important future toolkit assets
  • Designed and articulated informative material pertaining to varied intersectional LGBTQ+ topics, contributing their unique skills to develop blog content and animated content for InReach!
  • Interns Maddie and Ryan doubled and even tripled our reach on various social media platforms, maintaining high engagement rates!
Advocacy & Campaign Intern
  • Our Advocacy & Campaign intern completed outreach to aligned organizations which established several partnerships on an upcoming Pride Month campaign!
  • Assisted in graphic design and developed language for social media toolkits to be used by campaign partners and supporters.
  • Attended and contributed to partner meetings to discuss ongoing development of campaign structure.
  • Lastly, our intern, Jess, vetted participants and submissions of early campaign components!
UX Research Interns
  • Our UX Research Interns were excellent contributors to the team! They reviewed a research plan for a usability test with local community reviewers (LCR).
  • In addition, co-created a discussion guide for testing the new App redesign with LCR.
  • One intern single-handedly completed 3 pilot usability tests!
  • And lastly, our UX research interns completed data QA of 240+ organizations in our beta version of the redesigned App!
Web Developer Interns 
  • Our Web Developer interns built out all of the parts for the upcoming Pride Month campaign site that will go live in June!
  • Throughout the semeester, our Web Developer interns also did various working tickets to support the redesign of the InReach App!

Thank you to our interns for all their hard work this Spring! 

Interested in joining our intern team? Check our website for upcoming available internships.



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