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InReach Product Update (June 2022)

InReach App Change Log – June 2022

See below for a log of technical enhancements made to the InReach App during June 2022. Follow our blog’s change log series for future monthly product updates.  

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InReach App Front-End

  • On June 24th, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. We have added a new Abortion Care Service type filter to our free App to help connect LGBTQ+ people in need with verified, affirming abortion care. We believe in reproductive justice for all women, men and nonbinary individuals who can become pregnant.
  • Added Abortion Care category and subcategories to the “Service Type” dropdown menu for all countries (United States, Canada, Mexico):

  • Added new Legal Service Type Subcategories for the United States to continue to make the free InReach App more inclusive and comprehensive for the diverse LGBTQ+ community:
    • Citizenship
    • Employment Authorization
    • Family Petitions
    • Residency
    • T Visa
    • U Visa

  • Added clickable text to the “Verified Information” badge tooltip on direct service providers’ profile pages. Now when the tooltip is clicked, it brings users to our homesite’s “Vetting Process” page, which contains more information on InReach’s unique and rigorous verification process designed to maximize user safety and data accuracy.

  • *Note on mobile devices: For elements with tooltips (as shown above) – users will be able to click on those elements to access the tooltip since there is no “hover” state for mobile devices
  • Updates the services support language list display “Mandarin” instead of “Chinese”
  • Includes clean-up/maintenance work related to our recent rebranding from AsylumConnect to InReach

Control Panel (Backend Data Portal)

  • Updated the “Filter Organization” search functionality in the App’s backend data portal homepage to allow for staff and trained volunteers to more easily filter verified resource data
  • Added new legal tags (for the United States) to the “Filter Organization” search functionality:
    • Family Petitions
    • Residency
    • Citizenship
    • Employment Authorization
    • T Visa
    • U Visa
  • Added previously missing tags to the “Filter Organization” search functionality:
    • Computers and Internet
    • Food
    • Mail
    • Sports and Entertainment
    • Translation and interpretation
  • Added new “Abortion Care” category tags to the “Filter Organization” search functionality:
    • Abortion Providers
    • Mail Order Services
    • Lodging Assistance
    • Travel Assistance
    • Financial Assistance
    • Mental Health Support
  • Updated “Filter Organization” search functionality tags dropdown to now groups tags by category
  • Updated the “Service Area Coverage” filter to now display as a dropdown list (instead of text field) for an improved user experience
DevOps and Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Implemented Automation Refactor
  • Added Github and Asana integration
  • Configured Github repo with public and private teams  – to prepare the InReach App for open source
  • Expanded and improved our technical documentation

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