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InReach Product Update (March 2022)

AsylumConnect Change Log – March 2022

See below for a log of technical enhancements made to the InReach Catalog during March 2022. Follow our blog’s change log series for future monthly product updates.  

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AsylumConnect Catalog API

  • Fixed remove owner endpoint – resolved bug that was occurring when tried to remove the owner from an organization
  • Added reporting enhancements – this update enables a wider range of reporting data to appear in the Catalog
  • New security enhancements (part of Open Source Project):
    • Added SonarCloud to CI/CD – a tool that will help flag potential security issues and enforces cleaner code standards
  • New build and deploy enhancements (part of Open Source Project):
    • Added release tagging support
    • Added release tagging to Repo

Control Panel (Backend Data Portal)

  • Added translation to multiple components (in preparation for adding native Spanish translations to the Catalog front-end for the US & Mexico; coming soon)
  • Added ability for “admin” data managers to easily view user account information (for registered users who choose to share relevant demographic/professional information with the AsylumConnect team to help us continue to improve our product)

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