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InReach Product Update (October 2022)

InReach App Change Log – October 2022

See below for a log of technical enhancements made to the InReach App during October 2022. Follow our blog’s change log series for future monthly product updates.  

InReach App Front-End


  • Adds new subcategory of verified support to the “Service Type” dropdown menu:
    • Support for Caregivers of Trans Youth [Mental Health category]

  • Adds new ‘Sex worker community’ tag/community property to ensure the free InReach App is inclusive of all members of the diverse LGBTQ+ community.



  • Service access instructions were previously not showing Spanish translations, even when available.
  • Only show services where the tag matches the country locale.
  • Search box placeholder text updated for clarity.

InReach Back-end Data Portal

  • Adds new ‘Support for Caregivers of Trans Youth’ [Mental Health category] tag to the data portal.
  • Adds new ‘Sex workers community’ tag/community property to the data portal.
  • Adds new ‘Reviews’ tab to verified organizations’ profile pages in the data portal so Resource Team volunteers can easily view/track published reviews on the front-end.

  • Adds new ‘Fetch Latitude & Longitude’ button to make it easier for Resource Team volunteers to properly enter address information for verified service providers listed on InReach.
    • Volunteers can now double check the automated ‘Get Coords’ button values by clicking the “Check distance to address” button on the ‘Edit Location’ screen in the data portal. This will open a new tab that shows Google’s walking distance between the address and the coordinates (to verify that the automated GPS coordinates are within a reasonable distance).

InReach App API / Miscellaneous

  • Converted “Trans Health” medical tag to “Trans Health – Primary Care” & “Trans Health – Hormone Therapy”.
  • Added “community-[language]-speakers” community properties for Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian.
  • Corrections for “community-asylum-seeker” community property.
  • Added missing Latitude/Longitude values for addresses.

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